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ComplexGSVD Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ComplexGSVD (const ComplexMatrix &a, const ComplexMatrix &b, GSVD::type gsvd_type=GSVD::economy)
 ComplexGSVD (const ComplexGSVD &a)
 ComplexGSVD (const ComplexMatrix &a, const ComplexMatrix &b, octave_idx_type &info, GSVD::type gsvd_type=GSVD::economy)
ComplexMatrix left_singular_matrix_A (void) const
ComplexMatrix left_singular_matrix_B (void) const
ComplexGSVDoperator= (const ComplexGSVD &a)
ComplexMatrix R_matrix (void) const
ComplexMatrix right_singular_matrix (void) const
DiagMatrix singular_values_A (void) const
DiagMatrix singular_values_B (void) const

Private Member Functions

octave_idx_type init (const ComplexMatrix &a, const ComplexMatrix &b, GSVD::type gsvd_type=GSVD::economy)

Private Attributes

ComplexMatrix left_smA
ComplexMatrix left_smB
ComplexMatrix R
ComplexMatrix right_sm
DiagMatrix sigmaA
DiagMatrix sigmaB
GSVD::type type_computed


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const ComplexGSVD &a)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file CmplxGSVD.h.

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